aaand that's the end of Chapter 29!

I'll take a break for a few weeks before starting Chapter 30, but I will try to correct any typos in this chapter in the meanwhile.

5/21/2021 - Chapter 30 Update

Long time no see!

Originally I was planning on running the color page next Friday (5/28), but I've really been all over the place and haven't spent as much time working on this chapter as I'd have hoped. I'm still working on the Volume 3 PDF (which will compile chapters 17-24), and I have a number of outside painting and illustration projects I'm spending time with, including trying to launch a personal portfolio website for my non-comic work.

However, I am very much committed to finishing the comic, especially as there are only eleven (!!) chapters left. But because of that, I want to really make sure I'm working towards a satisfying climax which ties everything up and packs a punch. I've spent over a decade working on this comic, I'm not gonna abandon it now!

To that end, I'm pushing the start date for Chapter 30 back to July 2nd (my birthday lol), and hopefully in the meantime I can (1) build a solid buffer, (2) really completely flesh out the remaining chapters.

Stay tuned!! 😀